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Episode Summary

In his 1971 hit, the great soul singer Marvin Gaye wrote, “picket lines and picket signs, don’t punish me with brutality / talk to me so you can see what’s going on”. In the late 1960s, the people of the United States rose up against US military intervention abroad and were met with state repression at home. Fifty years later, the revolution continues. On today’s episode of Revolutions per Minute, we’re catching up not only with the news but also with the way we understand the news. How do we divorce ourselves from the empty narratives offered to us by capitalist media and develop a principled critique informed by history, theory, and lived experience? The answer for many is political education. We’ll hear from a comrade, scholar, and organizer known to many for his work on the other side of the microphone here at Revolutions per Minute: our very own Jack Devine! Later in the show, we open the phones to hear from our live WBAI audience. We also have an update from Lee Ziesche from last Saturday’s rally to stop a new fracked gas plant in Astoria. To learn more about this struggle, please listen to last week’s episode:

Episode Notes

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