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The Fight for Women, Life and Freedom in Iran

Episode Summary

For over a month, protests and strikes have rocked the country of Iran in the wake of the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22 year-old Kurdish Iranian woman who was arrested while visiting Tehran by the Guidance Patrol for violating Iran’s mandatory hijab law. Despite fierce crackdowns from the Iranian state, these protests, led by women, students, and workers, have made clear the demands for women’s rights and autonomy, shouting chants of “Women, life, freedom” and “Death to the Dictator”. Tonight, we hear from Dr. Naghmeh Sohrabi, a professor and scholar of Iranian history and politics, about these protests and their connection to the Iranian people’s long history fighting for justice and freedom. We’re also joined live tonight by Oriana and Tara from Movement Chaplain Collective in New York City. We’ll talk to them about the importance of providing spiritual and emotional care to movements through actions, advocacy, direct care to organizers, and as mutual aid.