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RPM Underground: Public Banking and the WBAI Lockout

Episode Summary

The financial crisis of 2008 and the Occupy Wall Street movement re-introduced to the public consciousness the idea that big banks are not our friends. In 2019, with DSA-endorsed candidates like Bernie Sanders continuing to popularize socialism, organizers around the country are working toward a material solution to the abuses of capital enabled by Wall St: a public bank, democratically controlled by working people. Tune in to Revolutions per Minute to hear from NYC-DSA’s Debt & Finance Working Group on efforts to implement a public bank in New York City and deal a crushing blow to the heart of Finance Capital. We'll also update our listeners on the WBAI Lockout and the struggle for the survival of community radio.

Episode Notes

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If you're interested in fighting back against the WBAI Lockout please reach out to This is a sad day for us, WBAI, local independent media, and the radio community nationwide. We will be putting out further information in the coming days.