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Labor for Black Lives

Episode Summary

The American labor movement is at its most powerful when it has fought for more than just bread and butter, but has actively struggled against the racialized division of labor that is at the core of capitalism in the United States. Unfortunately unions have not always committed themselves to the anti-racist cause, but have also served as a force of exclusion and reaction. In the 21st century, women of color in the public sector are the fastest growing sector of unionized workers. At the same time however, police unions are still protected by the AFL-CIO. What is the way forward for the labor movement? We’ll speak with NYC-DSA organizer Robert Cuffy on the recent uprisings for Black lives and their implications for unionists and anti-racists. We also hear from NYC-DSA Labor Branch member Dennis O’Neil on the battle to protect the workers and the public good of the United States Postal Service. To learn more and get involved, please follow Save Our Postal Service on Facebook: The NYC-DSA Labor Branch has a bi-weekly organizing call during COVID for anyone affected by the crisis (this includes anybody who is unemployed or has been laid off, workers who are experiencing reduced hours, people still working under more strenuous conditions, and in general any workers trying to organize around workplace issues during the pandemic) Wednesdays at 7pm. This is the link to sign-up:

Episode Notes

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