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Indigenous Socialists ft. Marcela Mitaynes and Jackie Fielder

Episode Summary

For hundreds of years Indigenous women have been on the frontlines of the fight against colonialism and capitalism but have had little to no representation in elected office. That’s about to change in Albany. NYC-DSA endorsed candidate Marcela Mitaynes, an Indigenous Peruvian socialist, has won her race in Assembly District 51 to represent Sunset Park, Bay Ridge and Redhook, Brooklyn. Today we’ll speak with Marcela and her deputy campaign manager Labiba Chowdhury about their historic victory. We’ll also hear from Jackie Fielder, an Indigenous socialist, who is running as a DSA endorsed candidate for California State Senate about the recent Indigenous led victory against the Dakota Access Pipeline and the ongoing work to halt the flow of capital that is funding state sanctioned violence against Black, Brown and Indigenous people.

Episode Notes

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