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Creation Amid Destruction

Episode Summary

In the words of the legendary union song, "Solidarity Forever", "we can bring to birth a new world from the ashes of the old." On today's episode of Revolutions per Minute, we'll be talking to socialists who are doing just that. Lee Ziesche interviews a comrade from SW Louisiana on the devastation caused by extractive capitalism and climate collapse and what socialists are doing to protect their communities. Later in the show, we'll have a live interview with Ansley and Bill from NYC-DSA's Brooklyn and Bronx/Upper Manhattan Electoral Working Groups on their work to create a rigorous, democratic endorsement process for NYC-DSA's involvement in the 2021 City Council race. Finally, we also hear from Ben M on a new political education series formed in the wake of the end of the Bernie Sanders campaign. Register for the Continuing the Political Revolution speaker series:

Episode Notes

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